Magic Run® Treadmill

Professional treadmill with a 4 HP engine

Magic Run – treadmill designed for commercial use, equipped with a 4 HP engine. It is capable of smooth and continuous operation under a load as heavy as 200 kg.
Magic Run is equipped with a convenient touch screen and modern menu system.
The system allows easy media access, full training adjustments and Multivision training mode.

User-friendly interface.
All devices are equipped with an LCD touch screen and software that provides simple and user-friendly navigation in easily accessible settings.

Visual menu allows for quick access and control via convenient buttons and sliders. The interface has a built-in Multivision optionvirtual jogging simulator.

Exercise and play with Magic Run

The treadmill has a special service menu to define your own set of multimedia.

Digital technology provides reliable and precise heart rate measurement. Compact and curved shape of the engine cover provides a comfortable training space.  Quick start system.

Each Magic Run unit has built-in YouTube aplication for watching videos and enabled full Facebook access during workout.