Lymphatic drainage – ERIS and SALUS

Lymphatic drainage

It’s a technique that effects soft tissue of the face and body in order to drain unnecessary fluid and waste products through the lymphatic vessels.
Lymphatic drainage involves forcing the lymphatic system to the active removal of accumulated fluid and toxins from the body, leading to a gradual reduction of cellulite, normalization of microcirculation and metabolism in tissues. After the first treatment patient experiences pleasant feeling of lightness and relaxation of all tissues.

Lymphatic drainage treatment consists of 6-10 treatments using Eris and Salus devices that significantly reduce cellulite, facilitate the course of venous insufficiency, eliminate swelling and withering skin of any part of the face and body while preventing skin aging. Any anti-cellulite program usually begins with lymphatic drainage in order to carry out a preliminary treatment of deep tissues.

How does it work?

Before the procedure, we put on a special suit (on special request in order to ensure full hygiene care for each treatment we offer disposable foil suit), made of hollow chambers that start to gradually fill up with air. We feel a gentle pressure-like massage.
First, the device fills the chamber at the ankles, calves and then the way up. The air presses on another part of the body at the same time pushing the lymph and blood to the nearest lymph nodes. This form of massage can drain and thoroughly cleanse the body of toxins and remove excess water.
Pressotherapy is a very intense and thorough cleansing massage.

Eris 6 medical equipment

Pressure chambers 12
– Connect up to 4 separate pressure chambers
– 2 x LED display
– 5 automatic programs
– Power control the pressure in the chambers
– Adjustable pressure intervals

equipment:2x leg cuffs, 1x cuff belly, 1x band

Salus 8 medical equipment

– 24 pressure chambers (2x leg)
– Overlapping pneumatic chamber
– LED display
– 10 programs
– Memory function all settings
– Pressure control chambers -Individually
– Deactivation of individual chambers
– Power control pressure

equipment: 2x leg cuffs, 1x cuff belly, 1x band

– Primary lymphedema
– Secondary lymphedema
– Thrombotic syndrome
– Leg ulcers
– Venous edema
– Post-traumatic edema
– Lipoedema
– Mixed swelling
– Peripheral arterial disease

– Blood disorders
– Heart diseases
– Pulmonary Oedema
– Diabetes mellitus (neuropathy)
– Skin diseases