Hydro fitness

Hydro Fitness

Universal aquabike for recreation and rehabilitation. Aquabike / hydrobike designed and engineered specifically for aquacyclilng. Entirely from stainless steel and high-quality materials to meet all European standards. This aqua bike designed for intensive use in water, it is suitable to carry out training for both beginners and advanced users of all ages.

Excellent design and construction solutions provide increased equipment durability and virtually maintenance-free operation. Hydro Bike is also intended for use by people with disabilities and the obese. The bike uses a system of active resistance and balance pedals. Its components provide a very efficient use of water resistance.

Hydro Bike has special bike pedals adapted to every foot size. Pressure regulation allows for good stability. Unique pedal design allows the use of equipment without special shoes.

Aquacycling – fitness in water

A form of exercise which consists of pedaling on a special water bike (aquabike / hydrobike) submerged in water. Aquacycling combines the elements of aquaerobobics (fitness exercises in the pool) and exercise on a stationary bike.

Body is lighter in water reducing the strain on joints during pedaling. Water increases the resistance, thanks to which muscles must work harder. These features make aquabike (water bike) a perfect tool for people who want to shape their figure or for rehabilitation purposes.