Three new Slim Line devices:
Spa Bike, Vacu Magic and Open Vacu,
introduce modern solutions used in the touch control panel, refreshed styling and increased slimming efficiency.

Benefits of Fitnesswell devices

Fitnesswell devices help to reduce cellulite after just a few sessions. In Vacu Magic blood is drawn into the subcutaneous tissue using a vacuum. It helps to flush fat deposits from under the skin. IR and collagen lamp used in our devices accelerate metabolism during exercise and increase sweating. Roll Magic breaks down fatty tissue massaging problematic parts of the body.

Fitnesswell devices help to achieve the dream figure. The combination of many factors positively affecting weight loss gives unsurpassed results. During one session, you may lose nearly 2,000 calories, which results in a rapid reduction of body fat.

Lamps used in many Fitnesswell devices regenerate the skin. IR lamps restore skin elasticity and firmness. Collagen supplements collagen levels, removes skin discoloration and smoothes out wrinkles.

Why us?

Satisfied customers

Efficiency, versatility of our equipment and pleasure of their use quickly translate into an increased number of appointed sessions.


We provide full service as a manufacturer. Devices are designed for long-term, fully loaded work. Choosing Fitnesswell you are sure that the equipment will serve you well and long.


Devices meet all the requirements for environmental protection and energy saving.

About us

Efficiency, 100
Quality, 100
Coverage, 100

Fitnesswell is a manufacturer of equipment for spa, wellness and fitness centers. We set the trends in the global markets, providing our customers with innovative solutions that help our clients gain regular customers of their services. Fitnesswell devices combine many factors positively affecting the body and physique.

We are an experienced company. Our devices are designed for commercial use. We use materials and components of the highest quality. All devices can be manufactured in any set of RAL colors.

Fitnesswell devices are popular in many countries around the world.


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